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As all students are stuck at home whole day, some of them might want

to start self-learning and study by themselves to keep up with the lessons.

But self-learning without a proper guide is not an easy task.

Personalized learning

With the help of this app, learning can be adapted in various ways according to the wants of the students. Students thus will have an option for personalized learning in their own preference

Tools to empower students

With the availability of the videos , both parents and students need not worry anymore about missing school and classes. This website will be the connecting link and therefore will help in empowering the students to keep up with their studies

Full E-videos

Full videos of teachers explaining various topics will be made available so that students can continue to watch and learn from it despite the current lockdown


You can learn anything.

All over the world changes have taken place in the field of school education. Digital contents and digital learning have also become part and parcel of the system. They do facilitate teaching learning, enhance learning and reaches out to the unreached.

Children never stop from learning – be in schools, in homes, in groups, through classrooms, teachers, friends, elders and now through electronic gadgets. This platform is created by the Department of Education (Schools) Government of Manipur with an objective to reach out to the unreached, improve the quality of classroom transactions, enhance learning levels of children, etc.

The contents are purely based on the syllabus of Board of Secondary Education, Manipur (BOSEM) and Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM). The contents are prepared by the Department with the help and co-operation of our dedicated and hard working teachers, Officials and other private partners. These contents would be useful for self-learning of the entire course even without a guide to assist. Since children are aware of operating a mobile phone, surfing this website and watching the videos will not be a difficult task.

Self learning through these e-contents would keep children engaged and occupied in their academics and hence the concerns of many of the parent would be solved.


Every child deserves the chance to learn.

As all of us know, students are the pillars of the Nation. Nurturing the students with better education facilities is essential for their development. This will likewise contribute to greater human resources which is required for building up the Nation.

But not all students have the privilege of going to schools of their wish. Some students due to peer pressure desire to obtain shadow education or additional tuition classes to get the extra learning. Irrespective of the economic background, every child should be given the opportunity to study and learn.

The audio-visual e-contents made available in the website will help all students in their learning. Learning would become more enjoyable and best teachers would reach out to every child.Even the differently-able students would gain out of the initiative in the days to come.


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